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TIOLI Reopening Updates!

Beginning in October, the Take It or Leave It (TIOLI) reopened for donations by appointment and for weekend shopping. The process has been working beautifully and has eliminated much of the stress and chaos for staff, volunteers, donators, and shoppers. LSWDD wanted to take a moment to thank all the Lopezians for their consideration in bringing in beautiful, reusable donations, adapting to the new appointment system, and their graciousness when items could not be accepted.

As the season now transitions into colder and slower autumn, LSWDD will be transitioning its donation receiving day to SUNDAYS beginning November 8th. Lopezians will continue to be asked to make an appointment in advance, as this helps moderate the flow of donations and provisions for safe social distancing for intake. Appointment are very easy to make and can be made by visiting

Beginning November 7th, Shopping days will now be on SATURDAYS only. LSWDD appreciates the community’s on-going patience with the limitations of this time in history, and continued adaptability to change.

LSWDD is also ever thankful to our loyal and dedicated volunteer force for working shifts and continuing to exceed all expectations in their ability to clean, organize, and put away items -- all with a smile! LSWDD is grateful for every part in this circle of reuse that has come together in kindness to make it all work. THANK YOU!

Lopez Island shoppers also returned in October, and many report their gratitude in receiving such high quality items for free that have been organized. LSWDD is also very grateful to all the shoppers for wearing masks, physically distancing, and waiting in line to accommodate the 15 person maximum capacity. It is a joy to see items being reused on the island, eliminating the need to spend money in purchasing new items and the eliminating the emissions that are generated by off island and online shopping. Thank you for being part of the solution to a more sustainable world, just by the simple act of exchanging usable items in local community.

Photo: TIOLI Volunteers getting seriously ready for Halloween!


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