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  • Trashion Fashion Tickets - Tickets for SWAP’s 2016 Trashion-Fashion extravaganza go on sale July 10 at Paper Scissors on the Rock. This will be the only venue for ticket sales.  The show has sold out every year, so get your tickets early!
  • Annual Household Hazardous Waste Roundup - The Annual Household Hazardous Waste Roundup for Lopez Island is scheduled June 26th from 11:00 am till 2:00 pm at the Lopez Island Dump. The Hazardous Waste Roundup is an opportunity to dispose of poisonous, flammable, corrosive or other hazardous chemicals. … Continue reading
  • Changes to Parking & Days/Hours of Operation - 1)  Starting June 21, 2016, the Lopez Island Dump will be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It will be closed on Wednesdays (starting June 22) and open Fridays (starting June 24). Summer hours (11 AM – 4 PM) will … Continue reading
  • Great Islands Clean Up 2016 - This is the second year LSWDD has partnered with San Juan and Orcas Islands for the Great Islands Clean Up– an islands-wide effort to celebrate Earth Day by removing trash from roadsides and beaches. Even though it was one of … Continue reading
  • Lopez School Earth Day: Art for Marine Waste Education - This year, LSWDD partnered with Lopez School, the BLM, and Kwiaht for a unified effort of education around waste in our marine environment. Here is a video created by Teus Rabel, Lopez middle school student, of the beach trash mosaic … Continue reading
  • 5th Grade Paper Towel Waste Diversion Project - Shoot for Compost! The Lopez School’s 5th Grade students determined that their biggest impact in waste reduction would be to divert all the paper towels from the trash to the school garden’s compost. They took the Zero Waste Challenge in … Continue reading

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The November 2014 ballot will include a measure to approve a levy to raise $115,000 in revenue for the Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District in 2015. As in past years, the levy will pay approximately one-third of expenses for operating the Lopez Dump facilities. The rest of the funds will come from disposal fees, sale of recyclables, and contributions. The levy rate is estimated to be 10.7 cents per $1000 of taxable assessed value, down from 11.55 cents in 2014. The levy will be authorized for the 2015 tax year only. Until state law can be changed the LSWDD levy must be presented to voters for approval annually.


Click on the 2015 Solid Waste Levy Fact Sheet for information about the levy measure that will appear on the November 2014 ballot.

2015 Levy Fact Sheet


The Managing Board of the Lopez Island Solid Waste Disposal District published the first annual report for the District on February 27, 2014. The report Summary follows. To view the full report, including financial statements from the first year of operation, please click on the link in the News post above, or go to the LSWDD page and click on “Quarterly Reports.” 


Wonderful job everyone.  We can report a successful first year of operation including progress towards our goal of zero-waste, reintroducing free self-separated recycling, lowered garbage fees, improved flow of items through the Take It or Leave It and a positive cash return. Other 2013 highlights include: purchase of a roll-off truck (bought on a 5-year loan), purchase of the backhoe (through generous local contributions), and passage of the second Lopez Solid Waste Levy with 79.47 percent in favor.  Add to this the critical work by our partner organization Solid Waste Alternatives Program, (SWAP), including hosting events such as the Trashion Fashion show and local fund-raising efforts including selling Junk Bonds. Success continues to build—in large part due to the tireless efforts of so many Lopezians who volunteer, and customers who sort their recycling and participate wholeheartedly in reducing waste. These actions result in increased services and ever more impressive steps towards zero waste.


Check the Recycling page for LSWDD guidelines to free (source-separated) and commingled recycling. The detailed guide, prepared by Neil Hanson, presents information about which materials can be accepted for recycling and how they should be prepared in order to preserve their value.



You can find our new “Series B” edition Junk Bond for 2013, created by Lopez artist Nancy Bingham, at Paper-Scissors on the Rock as well as at the Islander Resort Craft Fair (Saturday and Sunday, December 7 and 8)  and the Port Stanley School Holiday Show (Saturday, September 14). The collectible bonds cost $25 and help SWAP provide auxiliary funding to our wonderful Lopez Island Dump.  You can also buy Junk Bonds and  T-Shirts by mail order. Check the SWAP page for details.

Junk Bonds make the ultimate Lopez gift: locally made, packable, mailable and totally recyclable!


In December 2011, the San Juan County Council elected to cease operating all solid waste facilities in the Islands and to invite commercial carriers and other entities to submit proposals for providing these services. Concerned Lopez citizens lobbied the County Council to consider another option for Lopez which would enable a Lopez community organization to assume responsibility for the solid waste program and facility. In response to a request for a show of support, 1418 Lopez voters, property owners, and other individuals (including 962 registered voters from Lopez) signed a petition supporting establishment of a Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District and pledging to help fund the District with property tax support. The Council appointed an Advisory Board to pursue development of a program and negotiate terms with the County. On June 26, 2012, the Council formally established a Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District and appointed a five-member Board of Directors.


LSWDD will be a success only if the entire community pitches in. Once LSWDD begins to take over operation of the Lopez Dump in January 2013, many volunteers will be needed on-site for such activities as helping at the recycling center and Take It or Leave It.  Please go to the Volunteering page for more information.

Other ways you can help include:

  • Helping with special events
  • Making a financial contribution

Thank you for supporting the Lopez Island Dump!