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Tips on Composting from Liz, Teri & Ashi


Howdy folks. This past week was incredibly busy so I have not had time to update the Blog.

I wanted to share some more on compost and talk about the do’s and don’ts of our household composting:

DO’s-these are the things that are OK to put in the compost:

  • Paper – we put paper in the worm bin and in the yard waste compost. Paper is fine if it is not plastic coated and does not have lots of print on it. I like to shred thick paper so it composts faster and any paper going into the worm bin – such as paper bags get torn into strips.

  • Egg shells go in but do not break down much – I just spread them when I spread the compost and eventually they disappear.

  • Bones – large bones go through the shredder after the worms pick them clean. Small bones get spread and eventually break down.

  • Avocado pits – we have started cutting the pits up into pieces because the whole pit takes years to break down.

  • Tissue is just fine – in fact the worms eat it right up because they like cellulose.

Don’t – these are things that I do not compost:

  • Plastic – I remove the plastic labels on fruit and veggies because the labels never break down.

  • Plastic coated paper – the paper will break down but not the plastic and you end up with thin strips of plastic film in the compost.

  • Hair – best to put hair in the bushes or woods for the birds to find (for making nests) or throw it in the trash. It takes many years for it to break down. Some people may compost the hair but I just don’t like globs of hair in the garden, after I spread the compost.



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