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The News is Garbage

Lots of news recently in the solid waste and recycling world, not all of it good! Last week there was local news about Snohomish County Transfer Stations having to temporarily close because of logistical transportation issues led to their facilities being overwhelmed with garbage that they could not haul away. At the main facility, there was a 45 foot mountain of trash that required 24 hour fire watch as it smoldered away. Yikes! Fortunately they have started to get things under control but it certainly does make you think...

Also in national news, new data out from the Environmental Protection Agency shows a decline in plastic recycling rates even as plastic production continues to increase.

These are not the most inspiring stories but they are a reminder that the work we do to divert waste and recycle in the most conscientious way is really important. As many of you know, one of the most common problems with recycling plastic is that it is too contaminated to process effectively. That is not the case with the plastic that we send out, it is carefully monitored by our responsible customers and awesome recycle plaza crew!

Also, we are closing in on the summer season and will be extending our hours of operation beginning in June. Please stay tuned for more information regarding schedule changes and more, coming soon!


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