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Messages in a Bottle Poetry & Wine Tasting Event at Vitas

Friday, April 30, 5 -8 pm

In Honor of National Poetry Month and as this long Pandemic Winter of our collective lives approaches a collective Spring with vaccinations and return to each other in community, you are invited to interact with a new ReMakery art project: “Messages in a Bottle”. It’s a free take it or leave it style exchange: bring down a message or a poem in a bottle, leave it in the wine box, and/or take a message in a bottle. You can also read poetic messages in bottles as part of the interactive art installation. This event is to celebrate National Poetry Month and to commemorate the Grand Opening of the ReMakery on May 1, 2021. See the examples below for step by step instructions on how to participate.

This event will be highlighting reuse for glass bottles, which currently go to an inert landfill on Lopez once they leave the recycle plaza. This will also be an opportunity to highlight the collection and reuse of corks. Currently, LSWDD collects corks and sends them to a company called ReCork based out of Vancouver, BC. However, due to the creativity of LSWDD staff member, Alannya Sowers, this year's batch of corks that would have cost several hundred dollars to ship to ReCork, are now being kept on the island and up-cycled into cork boards in a ReMakery class! This saves us hundreds of dollars in shipping. Look forward to attending that class, and for more examples like this one of the ReMakery envigorating the local, circular economy!


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