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  • Sarah Reeves

May 11 is Household Hazardous Waste Round-Up Day at the Dump

San Juan County's Household Hazardous Waste Round-Up is our annual opportunity to legally and responsibly dispose of poisonous, flammable, corrosive or other hazardous chemicals for FREE.*

Why? Proper disposal of hazardous materials protects you and your family, the workers who handle your waste, and the place we call home — it keeps harmful chemicals out of our bodies, our drinking water, and the environment around us. 

Where? Lopez Solid Waste AKA the Dump (2419 Fisherman Bay Road)


When? Saturday, May 11, 2024; 10am to 2pm

Important: Please do not bring children or pets to Lopez Solid Waste during the Household Hazardous Waste Round-up.


Here's what you can bring:  

  • Pesticides, fungicides and other poisons

  • Gasoline and other used fuels

  • Wood preservatives, solvents and thinners

  • Pool and photo chemicals, resins

  • Corrosives, degreasers, and cleaning products

  • Mercury, rechargeable batteries

  • Propane cylinders and aerosols

Here's what NOT to bring:  ​

  • Flares, explosives, or ammunition (deliver to the Sheriff's office)

  • Antifreeze, motor oil (unless the oil is mixed with water or other fuels), and vehicle batteries — these can be recycled for free at Lopez Solid Waste during operating hours: learn more.

  • Spent fluorescent light tubes and bulbs — these are also accepted for recycling at Lopez Solid Waste during operating hours. 

  • Barbecue-style propane tanks — dispose of empty propane tanks, up to 10 gallons, for a fee during operating hours. 

  • Lopez Solid Waste is a PaintCare recycling site — we accept latex and oil-based paints for reuse and recycling every Sunday during business hours. Learn more.

*Households can dispose of 25 gallons or less of qualifying hazardous waste for free. Businesses disposing hazardous wastes will be charged disposal fees and must pre-register 10 days in advance — call or email Katie Fleming to register: 360-762-5821;

Find more information at


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