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LSWDD's Vision for the Future

The LSWDD Board has been working hard on producing a planning document to guide development and use of District resources to best meet the future needs of the Lopez community. The text of the document is listed below:

Lopez Solid Waste Strategic Planning Outline

Q4 2022

Mission of the LSWDD

The Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District (LSWDD) provides a convenient local facility for solid waste collection with reuse and recycle options, operated in a fiscally, socially, and environmentally responsible manner with a goal to educate and inspire the community to reduce waste.

The Outline

The LSWDD Strategic Planning Outline describes the current state of the utility and lays out a vision for the future. The outline is a living document that contemplates the challenges and opportunities the District may face over a five-year time horizon period, defines the actions required to prepare for these trends and events, and sets priorities based upon available resources.

The outline development process is managed by the Strategic Planning Committee and is updated annually by the LWSDD Board.

LWSDD Challenges and Opportunities


1) Increased demand for waste management services due to population growth, increased tourism, and residential and commercial development

2) Fiscal pressure from increased waste disposal fees, increased operating and transportation costs, inflation, and disruption of supply and waste management lines

3) Service demand spikes in the summer season

4) Burden and unpredictability of annual campaign to pass operating levy


1) High level of community involvement and support for waste reduction

2) Large customer base and support for “the Dump”, which is seen as a community asset

3) Highly experienced and dedicated operational team and staff

4) San Juan County Solid Waste management support

5) Availability of state, county and local resources working to reduce waste

2027 LWSDD Vision

An operation that:

● has expanded its footprint to include the former Public Works facility to the south

● is structured to ensure financial viability for the foreseeable future

● has added services of value or supports other organizations’ efforts to further reduce waste

● has reduced the waste generated per resident

● continues to be strongly supportive of and supported by the Lopez community

2022 Goals in Support of Vision

1) Fortify solid waste operations in service of community

a) Complete annual review of emergency preparedness

b) Complete baler shed expansion

c) Purchase box truck

d) Develop site plan for expansion in partnership with San Juan County and site consultant

e) Create and execute plan for increasing volunteer hours to support operations

2) Strengthen fiscal health of the District

a) Forecast 2023 expenses / revenues and long term capital requirements.

b) Review plan for sustained fiscal management

c) Research potential external funding sources/partnerships

3) Continue and expand environmentally and socially responsible operations

a) Develop organics reduction initiative

b) Initiate planning to reduce LSWDD carbon emissions

c) Ensure equal opportunity access to TIOLI goods by all community members

4) Educate and inspire community to reduce waste

a) Create and execute community education plan with topics toward waste reduction (refuse, reuse, repurpose, recycle)

b) Identify metrics to display and construct on-site “scoreboard” for Lopez waste amounts

c) Create and distribute educational articles regarding the value of LSWDD to Lopez

d) Encourage volunteer participation and expand opportunities

e) Investigate an update to the LSWDD website to expand and simplify access to community waste & recycling information

f) Develop and strengthen partnerships with other Lopez organizations with similar goals to impact waste in the community

5) Reduce waste thru the following efforts

a) Continue organics reduction and home composting initiative

b) Coordinate with the Lopez School to decrease waste and increase school recycling rates

c) Research viability of local glass crusher recycling options

d) Join efforts to institute Washington State Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation


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