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Creative Vision Salons on Zoom!

2020: Year of Vision When we titled the year, we had no idea that our vision would bring us closer in and further out that ever imagined. We had no idea we would suddenly spend so much more time at home and on screens— for some working, some suddenly home schooling, some with not much change other than every darn class is now on Zoom! LSWDD is interested in helping hold a creative space of inquiry, education and connection during this time. So to that end, we will be hosting creative artists salon around creating visions for a better future. These salons are free and open to all. We are focusing on a sustainable future that is headed towards zero waste, but there are an infinite way to see that path unfolding. These salons are focused around building energy and momentum to making work for the collaborative show “Creative Visions” hosted by the Lopez Library slated for Labor Day weekend, Sept 4-5. Ideally, all materials used to make the pieces would come from the Recycle plaza or Take It or Leave It, but in this case, you are welcome to use items from your own recycling, or things you already have (and don’t need to purchase new). This show aims to inspire local creativity and imagination to produce innovative, artistic, playful, futuristic, maybe even improbable solutions to issues the planet faces regarding waste and recycling. All displayed works will be celebrated, and additionally one work will be selected as a "winner" through a community voting process. The winning artist will receive a $200 prize. Please join Nikyta Palmisani this Thursday at 5 pm, and every Thursday in April for an engaging and educational Zoom Salon. In each session, there will be education and artistic inspiration, as well as a round robin check in and show and tell for artists making work in response to the group. You are welcome to use any media for your artistic response, and are in no way beholden to show your work unless you would like to. For questions, or to RSVP for the Salons, email Nikyta at If the salons prove popular, they will continue into May with different material focuses each week.

Here is an overview of the sessions in April:

April 9: Introduction and Inspiration: from Recology’s Artist in Residence Program in San Francisco. This program has been successfully paying artists and producing tri annual shows for the last 30 years! The artists are simply breath taking as well as educational and innovative. In this session, you will get an introduction to the program as well as explore a curated list of some of the artists. We will also be discussing visioning a post-Covid world and the waste created, as well as interesting possible innovations. April 16: PLASTIC! This week will begin a deeper dive into history and back story of waste and recycling as well as reuse. This first week will focus on plastics. A continuation of curated artists from Recology who use plastic as a dominate medium and discussion of future visions for this material and how it could be utilized in a more sustainable way. April 23: TEXTILES! In this week, we will learn stunning data on both global and Lopez textile recycling: where it goes, what happens to it, and how this can shift. Artists featured will be textile artists. April 30: PAPER! This week will be a learning about paper recycling, which is already in jeopardy of changing drastically in the very near future. As artists, many of us utilize paper as a mainstay media. So how can we recycle and repurpose paper in new and creative, or innovative ways? Perhaps even old ways that could be used well again?


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