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Fashion Fridays!

Ok friends-- we are starting some FUN to get is through this rough, dark, lonely winter! Get ready for Fashion Fridays! Here is how it goes: LSWDD aka the Dump, will post a weekly theme, and then those of you who have clothes whining in your closets to be worn and remembered, create a fun outfit and post a picture on our FB page: Lopez Island Dump: https://www.facebook.com/lopezsolidwaste

The other great many of us who are home and looking for some good excitement will be your supporters via positive comments and people's choice awards!

We will use rough and easy consensus to judge weekly Bests, and each week's winner(s) will get A FREE HOUR OF SHOPPING ON FRIDAYS AT TIOLI! This means you get first dibs on stuff before Saturday's shopping day! A fashionistas's dream!

We will also be doing Snapshot Saturdays for those of you who want to be seen around town in person! So wear your epic outfit to TIOLI on Shopping Saturday, and Alaynna will snap your photo and post on our FB page for you (with your consent, of course).

This week's theme for 1/11/21: : BEST Masked Outfit!! GO!

Note: picture below is not an entry, just to introduce you to LSWDD's new employee, Alannya Sowers pictured on the right.


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