SWAP supports the Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District with supplemental funds and by educating the community on responsible waste management practices, working toward zero waste.

SWAP (Solid Waste Alternatives Program) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization dedicated to providing financial and promotional support to the Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District, the Lopez solid waste and recycling facility, and responsible waste management on Lopez. The organization was founded in December 2011 by concerned Lopez residents seeking a local option in response to the planned phase-out of County involvement in solid waste management. In the initial months SWAP initiated a community survey to elicit opinions about service needs and values, and organized community meetings to probe possible scenarios for a locally controlled solid waste and recycling program managed according to Lopez values. SWAP volunteers drew plans for a viable operating system and interfaced with County and Port of Lopez officials in an effort to move the process toward the goal of a Lopez-controlled and managed program. That process culminated in the decision to establish a Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District and SWAP volunteers gathered signatures on petitions to demonstrate support.  The County Council officially acted to establish the Lopez District on May 26, 2012.

With the establishment of the LSWDD, which oversees the operation of the Lopez program, the role of SWAP has shifted to that of a support organization. SWAP is active in promoting and publicizing District activities by staffing a booth at the Saturday Market, hosting special events, managing the LSWDD/SWAP web site, and raising additional funding for District operations. In addition, SWAP provides educational and informational materials to promote responsible waste disposal on Lopez and  the District’s goal of “Working Toward Zero Waste.”


Congratulations to Severn Williams, winner of the Moving Towards Zero Waste Drawing.  Mr. Severn is from Corvallis, Oregon.  He visited the SWAP booth at the Saturday Farmers’ Market Summer 2017 and put an idea into the drawing.  His entry was “Never buy a new car!” His idea and good ideas from others are here: 

REDUCE, REUSE, REPURPOSE, RECYCLE Ideas from the Zero Waste Drawing 


~Wash ziplock baggies and reuse them.

~Pass along the toys/clothes no longer used to those who will use them and accept toys/clothes from those who have outgrown them.


~Use lids from plastic containers for mixing art project paint.

~Repurpose used cottage cheese and yogurt containers. Cut off bottoms and tops. Cut full length strips about ½ inch wide and use as tags for seed start containers.

~Use clean rags (t-shirts, towels, etc) cut into squares instead of paper towels.

~Take a long sleeve cotton shirt (or sweater), cut off the arms, cut a slit in the wrist, and use as fingerless gloves.

~Reuse toilet paper rolls to plant seedlings.


~Chop or blend food waste and bury around garden plants! 


~Do not let the water run while brushing your teeth.

~Bring your own plate, utensils and cup to potlucks.

~De-junk your house and don’t bring any junk into the house.

~Take your own to-go containers to restaurants.

~Never buy a new car!

~Consume less!   



2017 Junk Bond

In response to the many requests, we now have another Junk Bond!  Daphne Morris, Lopez artist, created the 2017, Series D, Junk Bond.  The bonds are for sale for $25.00 at the SWAP booth in the Lopez Saturday Farmers’ Market.  All proceeds go to support the Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District.  Junk Bonds A – C were created by artists Kate Scott, Nancy Bingham, and Brenna Jael.   





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SWAP is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Financial contributions to SWAP are used to support the goals and operations of the Disposal District by:

. Purchasing equipment, materials, and/or supplies for use at the Lopez Dump—for example, the backhoe!

. Making cash contributions toward the general operating expenses of the Disposal District

. Funding programs that support Lopez Dump operations—for example, recruiting volunteers to work at the site and staffing an information booth at Saturday Market

. Funding activities and programs that promote responsible waste management practices—such as school presentations and educational displays

To contribute to SWAP, send your check made out to “SWAP” to P.O. Box 457, Lopez Island, WA 98261. SWAP will send a receipt acknowledging your contribution to keep with your tax records.

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Kim Norton, Chair; 468-2606

Alex Nellie, Treasurer;  468-2717

Renee Koplan, Secretary

Ashwini Bartolucci, High School Board Member




2016 Trashion-Fashion Steering Committee

Co-Chairs: Raiti Waerness and Patty Ward

Ashwini Bartolucci, Gayl Beller, Pat Kuentzel, Sheila Metcalf, Kim Norton,  Nikyta Palmisani, Rebecca Presley, Jennifer Turunen, Raiti Waerness



P.O. Box 457
Lopez Island, WA 98261




SWAP Bylaws
SWAP Financials


Board Meetings: 2nd Tuesday of the month in the LSWDD meeting room above Blossom’s at 3:00pm

April 11

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June 13

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September 12* rescheduled to 9/10/17

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