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Take It or Leave It (TIOLI) 

Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District (LSWDD) staff & volunteers aim to keep TIOLI a treasured service of Lopez. Please read on: 

Take-It-or-Leave-It Schedule 

Alternating Shop and Drop Days at TIOLI

 Shopping Days: 
Fridays & Sundays, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Masks are encouraged but not required. 

 Donation Drop Off Days: 
Saturdays & Mondays, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • All items should be clean, gently used, fully functioning.

  • All items will be inspected by staff or a volunteer.  Items will be accepted or rejected based on these key criteria: Do we have space for the item? Is the item in good condition – gently used, working, all parts? Do we have a recycling stream for this item if the item cannot be reused or find a new home?   

  • Please limit your donations to 2 grocery bags and 1 large item (such as a piece of furniture) per day. 

  • Please take note: Only bring clothing, linens/bedding and shoes that have are clean and in especially good, wearable condition. 

  • Currently accepting spring and summer clothing


Check our TIOLI Facebook page for updates!

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How best to “Leave It” 

TIOLI is a legacy that Neil Hansen established for Lopez Island and a tradition that LSWDD intends to carry forward. The mission of TIOLI is to provide a community space for the free exchange of reusable items and to divert what cannot be reused into recycle streams and kept out of landfill.

TIOLI can take a wide range of household goods including: Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories; Bedding/Linens; Books (hard & soft cover); DVDs, Vinyl Records, and Other Collectible Media;  Recreational Items, Sporting Goods​; Pet Stuff; Art Work, Frames; Arts and Crafts; Office Materials; Toys, Games and Puzzles; Electronics​; Power Tools and Other Small Appliances; All Functional Tools and Fasteners; Household Fixtures; Smaller Area Rugs; as well as many Kitchen Items​.

Important notes on acceptable items:

  • We will be extremely limited on any textile and shoe donations. Only bring clothing, linens/bedding and shoes that are clean and in especially good condition. Please only bring clothing that is seasonally appropriate.

  • Please bag up smaller items and collections of items.  A label also helps!

  • Please make sure the items have all their pieces and will be enjoyable for others -- especially important for games, puzzles and toys.

  • All electronics need to work (staff will check functionality at time of drop off). Some electronics are considered eWaste and can be recycled for free.

    • eWaste items: televisions, computers, monitors, laptops and tablets, e-readers, and cell phones.

  • All power tools, small appliances need to work (staff will check functionality at time of drop off).

    • Broken power tools, appliances that are 50% metal or more can be recycled.

  • Sharp items, like knifes, should be wrapped for the safety of our staff and volunteers.

  • Plastic storage containers need to have a matching lid.  

At this time, we will only accept a few larger items & fee items. We highly encourage the use Lopez Rocks and the Buy Nothing Lopez Island Facebook Group for the exchange of these larger items.

  • As space permits we will accept fee items including: Mattresses and upholstered furniture (need a pay station receipt).

  • ​As space permits we will also accept other non fee items including: Windows, doors, exercise equipment, sinks, bathtubs, wood and metal furniture.

Items TIOLI Does NOT take:
  • Pillows or foam mattress pads

  • Magazines, outdated books like encyclopedias and manuals -- these can go in mixed paper recycling

  • Inflatable boats or rafts

  • Inflatable mattresses

  • Pet food, pet bedding

  • No Christmas decor of any kind until November

  • Cordless telephones, proprietary electronics from DirectTV, Comcast, etc.

  • Plastic/vinyl window blinds, ceiling fans

  • Disposable plastic cups, plates, utensils 

  • Kitchen cabinets, particle board furniture

  • Television and stereo cabinets

  • Food (we suggest you donate to Lopez Fresh Food Bank)

  • Health / Beauty products like cosmetics, hair care, personal hygiene, liquids, gels, lotions, etc.

  • Chemicals, powders, liquids, vanishes, solvents, etc.

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