Take It or Leave It (TIOLI) has reopened!!


Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District (LSWDD) staff & volunteers aim to keep TIOLI a treasured service of Lopez, however, please be aware TIOLI will not be business as usual.  

To keep everyone safe, we are encouraging everyone to make a reservation for all donation drop offs, which helps us moderate the flow and keep everyone safely in physical distance.  Make an Appointment -- reservations for drop off donations are highly encouraged -- sign up now! 

We will be extremely limited on what we can take because of TIOLI’s capacity as well as new limitations that have arisen because of COVID-19 and lack of recycling streams, so we are limiting donation intake amounts to approximately three grocery bags of clean, usable items, and one larger item (like a piece of furniture, BBQ, etc).  

Shopping Days: 
Fridays & Saturdays, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Masks and physical distancing required, foot traffic may be limited

  • Maximum capacity within TIOLI is 15 people. Thank you for keeping shopping time to 15 minutes if there is a line. 

Donation Drop Off Days: 
Sundays & Mondays, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Masks and physical distancing required

  • Households may bring up to 3 brown paper bags (or equivalent volume) plus one larger household item.  Bags should be organized to make review with staff or volunteers quick and easy.

  • Reservations strongly encouraged: make one today

    • We will also take a few drive up/bike up/walk up donations throughout the day.

  • All items should be clean, gently used, fully functioning.

  • All items will be inspected by staff or a volunteer.  Items will be accepted or rejected based on these key criteria: Do we have space for the item? Is the item in good condition – gently used, working, all parts? Do we have a recycling stream for this item if the item cannot be reused or find a new home?   

  • Please take note: we will be extremely limited on any textile and shoe donations. Only bring clothing, linens/bedding and shoes that are in especially good, wearable condition. Please only bring clothing that is weather appropriate to Fall and Winter.  We no longer have access to the recycling streams that helped us deal with excess textiles.  

  • Like in the recycle plaza, LSWDD will meter out cars from the cashier booth to limit traffic to 4 cars at a time in the loading and unloading zone in front of TIOLI. 

How best to “Leave It” 

TIOLI is a legacy that Neil Hansen established for Lopez Island and a tradition that LSWDD intends to carry forward. The mission of TIOLI is to provide a community space for the free exchange of reusable items and to divert what cannot be reused into recycle streams and kept out of landfill.

TIOLI can take a wide range of household goods including: Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories; Bedding/Linens; Books (hard & soft cover); DVDs, Vinyl Records, and Other Collectible Media;  Recreational Items, Sporting Goods​; Pet Stuff; Art Work, Frames; Arts and Crafts; Office Materials; Toys, Games and Puzzles; Electronics​; Power Tools and Other Small Appliances; All Functional Tools and Fasteners; Household Fixtures; Smaller Area Rugs; as well as many Kitchen Items​.

Important notes on acceptable items:

  • We will be extremely limited on any textile and shoe donations. Only bring clothing, linens/bedding and shoes that are in especially good condition.  Please only bring clothing that is weather appropriate to Spring & Summer at this time.

  • Please bag up smaller items and collections of items.  A label also helps!

  • Please make sure the items have all their pieces and will be enjoyable for others -- especially important for games, puzzles and toys.

  • All electronics need to work (staff will check functionality at time of drop off). Some electronics are considered eWaste and can be recycled for free.

    • eWaste items: televisions, computers, monitors, laptops and tablets, e-readers, portable DVD players and cell phones.

  • All power tools, small appliances need to work (staff will check functionality at time of drop off).

    • Broken power tools, appliances that are 50% metal or more can be recycled.

  • Sharp items, like knifes, should be wrapped for the safety of our staff and volunteers.

  • Tupperware needs to have a matching lid.  

At this time, we will only accept a few larger items & fee items. We highly encourage the use Lopez Rocks and the Buy Nothing Lopez Island Facebook Group for the exchange of these larger items.

  • As space permits we will accept fee items including: Mattresses and upholstered furniture (need a pay station receipt).

  • ​As space permits we will also accept other non fee items including: Windows, doors, exercise equipment, sinks, bathtubs, wood and metal furniture.

Items TIOLI Does NOT take:
  • Pillows or foam mattress pads

  • Magazines, outdated books like encyclopedias and manuals -- these can go in mixed paper recycling

  • Inflatable boats or rafts

  • Inflatable mattresses

  • Pet food, pet bedding

  • No Christmas decor of any kind until mid-November

  • Cordless telephones, proprietary electronics from DirectTV, Comcast, etc.

  • Plastic/vinyl window blinds, ceiling fans

  • Disposal plastic cups, plates, utensils 

  • Kitchen cabinets, particle board furniture

  • Television and stereo cabinets

  • Food (we suggest you donate to Lopez Fresh Food Bank)

  • Health / Beauty products like cosmetics, hair care, personal hygiene, liquids, gels, lotions, etc.

  • Chemicals, powders, liquids, vanishes, solvents, etc.