Solid Waste Alternatives Program (SWAP)

SWAP Vision Statement

SWAP supports the Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District with supplemental funds and by educating the community on responsible waste management practices, working toward zero waste.

About SWAP

SWAP is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization dedicated to providing financial and promotional support to the Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District and waste reduction efforts across Lopez Island.

SWAP is a tremendous asset to Lopez Island, supporting the Solid Waste District volunteers, educating the community on advanced recycling practices, and producing extremely useful goods from materials that could otherwise be considered garbage. Look for the latest and greatest SWAP productions at the SWAP booth during Saturday Farmers Markets.

SWAP was also fundamental in the formation of LSWDD. Founded in December 2011 by concerned Lopez residents seeking a local option in response to the planned phase-out of County involvement in solid waste management, SWAP initiated a community survey about service needs  and organized community meetings to identify scenarios for a locally controlled solid waste and recycling program. 


2019 Junk Bond now available

2019 Junk Bond

Chyanne Escalante, created the 2019 Series E Junk Bond. The bonds are for

sale for $25.00 at the SWAP booth in the Lopez Saturday Farmers’ Market,

the Preschool Bazaar and the Pt. Stanley School Holiday Sale. All proceeds

go to support the Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District.  Junk Bonds A – D were

created by artists Kate Scott, Nancy Bingham, Brenna Jael, Daphne Morris,

and Janet Yang.


SWAP contributions to LSWDD

Lopez Saturday Farmers' Market
        Information about volunteering
        Conversation about reuse, recycling, reducing,  and repurposing

         Skirts made from t-shirts

        Shopping/carrying totes made from feed bags

        Junk Bonds


        Supporting school activities on zero waste

        Funding community zero waste projects


        Earth Day clean-up

        Volunteer appreciation events

Purchasing equipment, materials, supplies for use at the Lopez Dump (Backhoe!  Equipment for the ReMake Lab)

Fixing the holes in the Lopez Dump roads

Making cash contributions toward the general operating expenses of the Disposal District

Funding the Levy which provides tax monies that fund the Disposal District

Provide a scholarship to a graduating high school senior

Contributing to SWAP

SWAP is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Financial contributions to SWAP are used to support the goals and operations of the Disposal District.

To contribute to SWAP, send your check made out to “SWAP” to P.O. Box 457, Lopez Island, WA 98261. SWAP will send a receipt acknowledging your contribution to keep with your tax records.

Read the 2020 letter regarding supporting the Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District

Donor Privacy Policy

Board of Directors

Kim Norton, Chair; 468-2606

Kevin Utt,

Chyanne Escalante,

Katherine Sorensen,

Alannya Sowers


Shirt to Skirt: Stephanie Hylton, Kim Norton

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 457
Lopez Island, WA 98261


SWAP Bylaws
SWAP Financials

Board Meetings: 2nd Monday of the month  5:00pm  For exact dates and location, call Kim Norton

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