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Department of Ecology Grant 2021

LSWDD receives Department of Ecology Grant 2021


In February of 2021, LSWDD received a $50,000 grant from the Department of Ecology to begin the ReMakery. This start up money allowed for leased space within the heart of Lopez village, the purchase of infrastructure, machines, tools, supplies, and staffing. The doors opened to the public in May of 2021 and have met with resounding success in the Lopez Community, even at the heels of the ending of the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

The above slideshow is a virtual tour of the five month grant period from February to the end of June 2021

including photos of the ReMakery space, classes, workshops, Repair Cafe's, prototypes created, Maker in Residence art show and presentation, and our large Showcase And Fashion event at Vitas on Lopez Island in late June 2021.  The below video is specifically focused on the fashion show, prototypes and designers: 










During the five month grant period from February to the end of June 2021:


Classes and Workshops:  35

Including: Fabric Upcycyling, Electronics Basics, Jewelry Up-cycling, Metal Clay Jewelry Making, Shirt to Shirt Workshops, Computer Automated Design (online class), 3D printing, and Small Stuffed Animal Making. Also regularly occurring drop in maker times for Crafts & Jewelry, Textiles/Clothing, and 3D printing. 


Class Attendance: 235


Materials diverted: 746 lbs so far 


Prototypes created: 40 


2 Repair Cafe’s conducted: 2

Repair Volunteers: 18

Attendees: 60

Items repaired: 29


Attendance of walk in tours of the ReMakery, hence, Outreach and Education:

214 to date. 


Formation of Maker in Residence Program (MIR): A four week intensive program geared towards in-depth education and exploration of issues of waste, recycling, and reuse of materials through the creation of works that result in a final exhibition. MIR’s offer a class or workshop during their residence, donate a piece to the permanent collection, and do a final exhibition. 


2 who have completed the 4 week residency and had their final show and exhibition. 

Total working  Hours of MIR at the ReMakery: 182 

2 new MIR’s recruited in June for July and will begin July 1, 2021. 


New Volunteers recruited to LSWDD through the Remakery: 23 



Final Showcase Event: approximately 100 people in attendance, 24 models and volunteers designers, 40 prototypes on display, $1535 in donations and sales of items. Education and Outreach for the Remakery and recruitment of new Makers in Residence, Volunteers, students for classes and workshops, recruitment of new instructors for classes.

The ReMakery is dedicated to reusing and remaking materials locally in efforts to reduce waste, increase the local circular economy, and provide education tools for the reduction of waste. A zero waste line of items have been created that were donations diverted from the community free store and turned into items that work to interrupt the single use disposable waste cycle. Such items include: sanitized and ReMakery branded reusable water bottles, travel coffee cups, utencil kits with fabric napkins and metal cutlery, picnic/potluck zero waste baskets, reusable bags, and up cycled cotton rag bundles to replace paper towels and other single use paper products. 


























Favorite prototype that exemplifies the circular economy we are hoping to create: Since the Covid-19 pandemic, many breaks in the supply chains have occurred making it very difficult to ship many materials off Lopez Island. LSWDD has been stock piling textiles that previously had venues for recycling through the Goodwill industries into two main categories: wearable and rags. Pre-Covid LSWDD was shipping off 1,000 lbs of textiles per week, with up to 48-52 tons of textiles shipped off island annually.  Since the pandemic, these recycling options have not been available, and citizens with scraps and rags have been forced to landfill this material. 











During our grant period, Maker Juliene designed many prototypes to try to tackle this issue. One of her proptpypes is a poof, or round cushion that could be used a a footstool, meditation cushion, pet bed, etc. She began with reused burlap coffee bags for the external shape, and stuffed the poofs with rags and fabric scraps. 


Renee Hanks, owner and sole operator of Costume Making Company lives and works on Lopez Island and produces a great many fabric scraps that she has been landfilling since the pandemic when rag recycling was no longer an option. Renee also donates her time once a year to LSWDD’s educational and fun yearly fashion show. Many of the denim prototypes featured are Renee Hank’s designs. 


Through a wonderful collaboration, now Juliene has made template pattern for the poofs, which can be easily replicated and produced at the ReMakery using a variety of found textiles. These are then given to Hanks who stuffs them with her cast off scraps as part of her business. Once filled, Hanks returns the now finished and stuffed poofs for sale at the ReMakery, thus increasing the circular economy and keeping materials out of landfill and in use locally. 



LSWDD is very grateful to have been the recipient of this Department of Ecology Grant, and is working to continue funding the ReMakery through continued grants, fund raising, donations, and donations from of items created.