Meet the LSWDD Team

LSWDD Managing Board 

LSWDD operates under a Governing Board comprised of all current members of the San Juan County Council, as well as a Managing Board:

Larry Bailey | Chair | | Position #2; term expires 12/31/2021

Rhea Miller | Vice Chair | |Position #1; term expires 12/31/2024

Gene Helfman | Secretary | | Position #6; term expires 12/31/2022

Clay Smith | | Position #3; term expires 12/31/2022

Ross MacDonald | | Position #4 term expires 12/31/2024

Pam Stewart | | Position #7 term expires 12/31/2024

Cyndi Smith| Position #5 term expires 10/14/2025


Rick Carr | District Manager and Public Records Official|

David Zapalac | Facility Manager |

Colby White | Assistant Facility Manager |

Larissa Mansfield | Training, Education & Outreach Coordinator |

Gary Lawrence | Facility Administrator |

Jessica Deckwa | Operations Assistant |

Terry Archer| Driver |

Dan Post | Driver

Volunteer Coordinator

Larissa Mansfield. Please contact Larissa with questions about volunteer tasks and shift hours, applying to volunteer, scheduling, or any other volunteer matters.


District Management and Finance

              Larry Bailey, Rhea Miller, Rick Carr, and David Zapalac 

Site Operations and Safety

              Clay Smith, Gene Helfman, David Zapalac, Gary Lawrence, Colby White, and Larissa Mansfield  

Public Outreach and Volunteerism

              Rhea Miller, Larry Bailey, Rick Carr, and Larissa Mansfield 

Strategic Planning

              Ross MacDonald, Pam Stewart, Rick Carr, and David Zapalac