Meet the LSWDD Team

LSWDD Managing Board 

LSWDD operates under a Governing Board comprised of all current members of the San Juan County Council, as well as a Managing Board:

Larry Bailey | Secretary | | Position #2; term expires 12/31/2021

Rhea Miller | Vice Chair | |Position #1; term expires 12/31/2024

Gene Helfman | | Position #6; term expires 12/31/2022

Clay Smith | | Position #3; term expires 12/31/2022

Ross MacDonald | | Position #4 term expires 12/31/2024

Pam Stewart | | Position #7 term expires 12/31/2024

Position #5 has a vacancy. To apply for open board position: Download the SJC Advisory Committee Application


Laurie Bullock | District Manager and Public Records Official|

David Zapalac | Facility Manager |

Colby White | Assistant Facility Manager |

Nikyta Palmisani | Training, Education & Outreach Coordinator |

Gary Lawrence | Facility Administrator |

Alannya Sowers | Operations Assistant |

Dan Post | Driver

Larrol Parlin| Driver

Volunteer Coordinator

Nikyta Palmisani. Please contact Nikyta with questions about volunteer tasks and shift hours, applying to volunteer, scheduling, or any other volunteer matters.


Administration and Finance: Clark Johnson, Laurie Bullock, Gary Lawrence, Bill Clemens, Clay Smith 

Operations:  Clark Johnson, David Zapalac, Gary Lawrence, Jim Lombard

Take-it-Or-Leave-It:  Joanne Bryant, Maria Mendez, Susan Muckle, Nikyta Palmisani, Carol Steckler

Signage: Mac Langford, Linda Noreen, Nikyta Palmisani

Management: Clark Johnson, Rhea Miller, Laurie Bullock, David Zapalac

Public Relations:  Rhea Miller, Larry Bailey, Laurie Bullock, Nikyta Palmisani

Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District (LSWDD)

PO Box 922

2419 Fisherman Bay Rd

Lopez Island, WA 98261

(360) 468-2555

Current Hours: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 11am-3pm 

Your participation is the key to helping LSWDD achieve its fullest potential. Please consider volunteering today.

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