The San Juan County Council established the Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District June 26, 2012, to assume responsibility for solid waste disposal on Lopez Island. The LSWDD assumed full formal control of the solid waste and recycling operation on January 1, 2013.


The LSWDD is governed by these goals: to be good stewards of the land by responsibly disposing of our waste, maximizing our recycling, and moving toward a strategy of “Zero Waste.”


P.O. Box 922, Lopez Island, WA 98261


The November 2014 ballot will include a measure to approve a levy to raise $115,000 in revenue for the Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District in 2015. As in past years, the levy will pay approximately one-third of expenses for operating the Lopez Dump facilities. The rest of the funds will come from disposal fees, sale of recyclables, and contributions. The levy rate is estimated to be 10.7 cents per $1000 of taxable assessed value, down from 11.55 cents in 2014. The levy will be authorized for the 2015 tax year only. Until state law can be changed the LSWDD levy must be presented to voters for approval annually.


Click on the Fact Sheet for information about the levy measure that will appear on the November 2014 ballot.

2015 Levy Fact Sheet


LSWDD Governing Board: County Council (Rick Hughes, Bob Jarman, Jamie Stephens)

LSWDD Managing Board: Sandy Bishop, Bruce Creps, Larry Eppenbach, Dan Post, Page Read (see below for more information)

Staff: Solid Waste Facility Manager, David Zapalac; Solid Waste Facility Operator, Bob Chonka; Solid Waste Facility Administrator, Gary Lawrence;  Community Education and Training Coordinators, Gary Lawrence and Nikyta Palmisani (shared position)

Volunteer Coordinator: Carol Steckler (volunteer)


Administration and Finance: Bill Clemens, Bruce Creps, Larry Eppenbach, Gary Lawrence

Operations: Bob Chonka, Larry Eppenbach, Gary Lawrence, Dan Post, Page Read, David Zapalac

Take-it-Or-Leave-It: Joanne Bryant, Maria Mendez, Susan Muckle, Page Read, Micki Ryan, Carol Steckler, Rose Torrez

Signage: Sandy Bishop, Mac Langford, Jim Lombard, Linda Noreen


The San Juan County Council appointed the following individuals to serve on the Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District Managing Board.

Page Read (Chair), 468-3613

Sandy Bishop (Vice Chair), 468-3654

Larry Eppenbach (Secretary), 468-4788

Dan Post, 468-4818

Bruce Creps, 468-4294


PAGE READ: Received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at StanfordUniversity in 1972, served four years in the U.S. Navy as a submarine officer, and received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering in 1987 from the University of Washington. He worked as a Senior Research Engineer at International Biomedics designing fetal monitoring equipment. In 1990 he founded Emerald Medical Products Corporation to manufacture and market an irritable bowel syndrome monitor, and an Alzheimer’s anti-wandering monitor. In 1994 he founded Emerald Marine Products Corporation to manufacture and market the Alert Man-Overboard Alarm. The product is currently manufactured on Lopez Island, Washington, and sold in marine stores throughout the U.S. It is used aboard commercial fishing vessels, tugboats, and U.S. Coast Guard Cutters, and ashore on major bridge construction projects and barge loading docks, as well as aboard recreational sailboats and powerboats, wherever crewmembers are at risk of falling overboard. He resides on Lopez Island, Washington, with his wife, Marney Reynolds. Term of appointment: 2 years.

SANDY BISHOP: Currently serves as the executive director of the Lopez Community Land Trust (LCLT). She was a co-founder of LCLT in 1989 and has served as its executive director for over 13 years. She has been a resident of Lopez Island since 1979. In addition to creating affordable housing neighborhoods she was the project manager for the Seed Library, Lopez Skate Park, Lopez Children’s Center, Sally’s Garden project, which includes the community garden and Farmers Market spaces. She serves as the chair of the SJC Housing Bank Commission and the Islands Energy Coalition and remains involved in Lopez Village Planning. Some of the projects she has worked on have received recognition in the NY Times and have been awarded regional and national awards. She lives with her partner Rhea, and together they teach and speak regionally and nationally on the subject of unleashing the power of community. Term of appointment: 4 years.

LARRY EPPENBACH:  Raised on the east coast, Larry attended college in California and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from Claremont Men’s College and a Master’s of Business Economics from the Claremont Graduate School in 1970. He then traveled north and began his career working for the State of Alaska in Juneau in 1971, about the time North Slope oil development began. His first job was with the Alaska Department of Revenue building financial models and forecasting revenues. Within a year he became a State Investment Officer, and soon after, the head of the State Treasury, where he built a team of investment officers and established cash management and investment procedures to manage the state’s newfound wealth. Those procedures remain in place to this day. In subsequent years he worked as a senior policy analyst to the Alaska Legislature on taxation issues and created a series of producer-benefits models of oil and gas development. He was also a private consultant on quantitative methods and taxation to the oil and gas industry. In 1978, Larry founded EPCO Design, a development firm specializing in outdoor recreational products, among them a series of lightweight net tents manufactured to his specification in South Korea and sold throughout the US and abroad. He holds twelve patents on his inventions and continues to work developing new products. He and his wife, Sarah, a writer, moved to Lopez Island in 1995. He volunteers actively with the youth sailing program and became a member of the Lopez Housing Options Financial Advisory Committee in 2010. He has worked on Lopez solid waste issues for several years. Term of appointment: 2 years.

DAN POST: Born and Raised in the San Juan Islands, after school Dan spent ten years in the active military and then worked another six years for the Army testing weapons at Rock Island Arsenal in Illinois. Dan moved back to Lopez where he commercially fishes for salmon and, for 25 years, owned and operated Lopez Island Freight, a trucking business. In the mid 1990’s for about four years Dan had a relationship with the Lopez Island Transfer Station and transported the self-separated recycles at a profit to not only himself but also a profit to the County. He has a vision of a Solid Waste facility that strives for less garbage and more recycling, which through sound marketing, efficiencies, and flexibility will be financially viable. He has been a Commissioner for the Port of Lopez since the early 1990’s and is currently overseeing a resurfacing project at the Lopez Island Airport with a construction budget of well over 2 million dollars. Term of appointment: 4 years.

BRUCE CREPS: Moved to Lopez in 2003 with his wife, Sheila. Bruce is the owner of Notable Woods (, a small business supplying specialty woods for use in creating musical instruments. Prior to moving here Bruce was the general manager of Burley Design Cooperative, a worker-owned manufacturer of bicycles and accessories located in Eugene, Oregon. From 2005-2011 he served on the Lopez Community Land Trust board. Currently his household and business combined produce 4 cans of garbage per year, and he hopes to cut that in half in the next three years. Term of appointment: 4 years.