Textile Recycling

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Global Textile Recycling

Did you know that the average American produces 68 pounds of textile waste a year? We Americans purchase 20 billion articles of clothing a year, and each article of clothing takes an average of 1300 gallons of water to make and will emit 9 pounds of carbon emissions from origin to point of sale in transport. After all this expenditure of resources, 85% of these 20 billion garments will be thrown into a landfill. Since over half of textiles are made from cotton or plant fibers, textiles in landfills decompose and produce greenhouse gasses, which then continue to contribute to global warming. All of this waste can be avoided by reusing, repurposing or recycling your textiles. At LSWDD the TIOLI can accept any and all CLEAN textiles for recycling. We average 1,000 lbs/month in textile recycling, with a yearly total of 12,000 lbs. To watch a video about textile recycling click here: