3D Printing 101

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3D Printing 101: Remember when Xerox machines and desktop printers changed everything? 3D Printers are now affordable enough that many households and community places can attain them. 

With the advent of Xerox machines and desktop printers anyone could type, print, and distribute printed materials. They didn’t have to go to a printing press, a publisher, or a fancy print house to be done. Just press a button and viola! Desktop printers print in 2 dimensions. The next step is home printers that print in 3 dimensions. Enter 3D printers; they are about to change our world. Especially our San Juan Iislands world. What if, when a part broke on a machine, or even your household can opener, and instead of having to go off island to buy, repair or replace it, you could simply print it at home? Kids or grandkids want new toys? What if you could custom design a toy and print it with them? Want a fancy new prosthetic, like a leg designed with a high heeled shoe for fancy occasions? Print and design it yourself. The future is now. 3D printers have dropped in price from the $1000’s in 2015, to the $100’s in 2016. San Juan Llibrary just purchased a 3D printer for use by the public this November. And now, Lopez School and LSWDD have joined the ranks. Look for more exciting innovations with 3D printing coming to our very own village community in 2017. We will keep you updated on our progress. To read more about 3D printers, click here:



Companies already turning recycled plastic into 3D printer filament: