CAC Outlines Solid Waste Options for Community Discussion

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At its regular meeting on June 3, the Citizen Advisory Committee approved a memo to the community outlining solid waste options for community discussion. All members of the Lopez community are invited to read it and comment.

The memo provides background on the the practicalities of garbage and recycling on the island and proposes three alternative ways of funding a locally controlled solid waste system:

  • Option 1: A traditional garbage-driven model
  • Option 2: Funding through taxes
  • Option 3: Voluntary funding by users

We invite your feed back!

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  1. Chom Greacen

    As a property owner living on Lopez, I use the transfer station regularly for household garbage disposal, recycling and Take-it-or-leave-it. I fully support locally controlled waste management system for Lopez and would personally be willing to pay additional taxes to support the local controlled system. I would work to mobilize political support for a tax-supported system.

    As a second option, I also support the concept of a membership-based organization. If the membership-based model were implemented, I would most likely participate in it as a Tier 1 member ($25 per year, very little garbage, free recycling).

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