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Local control of the Lopez dump moved a step closer to reality on Friday when the newly appointed Port of Lopez Citizen Advisory Committee on Solid Waste held an organizational meeting.

Attending were CAC members Sandy Bishop, Ed Dolan, Ed Kilduff (by phone link), John Ryan, and Charlie Washburn. Sandy Bishop was elected chair.

The CAC agreed that maximum involvement and support from Lopez residents would be the key to success. Please feel free to use the comment boxes on each post or page to gives us your feedback on any aspect of our activities. You are also welcome to attend our meetings or send us an e-mail.

At the meeting, the CAC noted that a majority of Lopez Islanders have clearly indicated that they care about garbage and recycling.  Neil Hanson, who attended Friday’s meeting, has devoted a good deal of his life to creating a model program for waste reduction and comprehensive recycling on Lopez. The Lopez Transfer station has received numerous awards. Lopezians enthusiastically embrace self-separated recyclables, Take-It-or-Leave-It and a philosophy of reducing waste from the waste stream, with Zero Waste as an ultimate goal.

Time is of the essence!  If we want local control we need to make decisions, have a feasible operating plan and a super majority buy-in from Lopezians. The CAC, together with PoL commissioners, has established the following timeline:

  • Month of May: The CAC defines the work plan and collects signatures and responses to the survey questions/petition for local control and pledges.
  • June and July:  Establish a good working model and negotiation points with the county
  • August: negotiations with SJC.
  • September – November – Form management group and prepare for operation of Transfer Station.
  • January 2, 2012 Celebration, grand opening of local control of system.
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