ReMake Lab: LSWDD partners with Lopez School

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ReMake LabOn our small, rural island recycling is both expensive and time consuming. Emissions produced by transporting recyclables off island contributes to green house gasses. This project is looking for local solutions to turn burdens into resources, and encourage youth to envision and works towards a future where creative solutions help solve community challenges. 

This project proposes to build a prototype model of an extruder machine to turn common #1 PET plastics (like water bottles) into filament for a 3D printer. 3D Printers are the future of home manufacturing– and are quickly becoming available very inexpensively. Lopez School is partnering with LSWDD to provide the space, students, teachers, and funding for the purchase of a 3D printer(s) and materials needed to build the extruder.

This project is in line with the “Maker” Movement, described as umbrella term for independent inventors, designers and tinkerers. Our project’s name is adds the recycling and reuse ethic to the maker movement and is therefore called the Re-Make Lab. Our team of builders includes 4 high school students and Nikyta Palmisani, as concept initiator, educator and facilitator. The youth chosen are all girls — an underrepresented population in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), and the project is being well documented to serve for future college scholarship applications. The students on our STEM “Dream Team” are Nora Zapalac, Naomi Vliet, Ashi Bartolucci, and Kate Combs.  Brad Bucanan and Page Read, both experienced Mechanical Engineering PhD’s, have volunteered their time and expertise to the project. David Zapalac, LSWDD Facility Manager, and Dave Sather, Lopez Secondary Principal are also included on the team.