Recycling Extraordinaire

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A cello made from an oil can? A violin made from a metal can and a wooden spoon? A drumhead from an X-ray film? Yes! All instruments made from trash found in Cateura, Paraguay, a small town south of Asuncion, … Continued

3D Printing 101

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3D Printing 101: Remember when Xerox machines and desktop printers changed everything? 3D Printers are now affordable enough that many households and community places can attain them.  With the advent of Xerox machines and desktop printers anyone could type, print, and … Continued

Textile Recycling

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Global Textile Recycling Did you know that the average American produces 68 pounds of textile waste a year? We Americans purchase 20 billion articles of clothing a year, and each article of clothing takes an average of 1300 gallons of … Continued

Zero Waste Challenge

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We are looking for 12 people (or more) to take the ‘Zero Waste Challenge’. The challenge is described below. You can sign up starting March 1, 2016 by emailing Nikyta at Are you interested? Each month for one year … Continued