September 22nd until June 20th

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

11AM to 3PM



Friday, Saturday, Sunday, **Monday

11AM to 4PM

**Garbage and Recycling only. TIOLI will be closed.


Contractor accounts can make an appointment for drop-off before regular hours by calling 468-2555.




Cash or Check (Checks should be made payable to LSWDD)

Credit/Debit Cards are not accepted



The following fee schedule will be in effect until further notice.

LSWDD Fee Schedule 12-18-14



 New Fee to Recycle Printers, Scanners and Copiers 

Starting July 16, 2014, LSWDD will charge a $4.00 fee for recycling printers, scanners, and copiers, whether in working condition or otherwise. The fee will apply to both separate and combination units and will be collected at the pay kiosk.

Why the fee?

Printers, scanners, copiers, computer peripherals, and the like are NOT included in the free E-Cycle Washington program. Until recently, LSWDD has been able to dispose of such non-E-Cycle items at no cost through Community Treasures of Friday Harbor, which hauled the equipment with our E-Cycle waste (such as computers and televisions) to Ace Metals in Everett for dismantlement and recycling.

Because of the large volume of non-E-Cycle equipment, Community Treasures now charges us for transporting these items in order to cover their costs. Charging $4 for printers, scanners, and copiers will enable LSWDD to meet these transport costs while getting the items into a responsible recycling program and keeping them out of the waste stream. All in all, this seems like the best approach for Lopez.

The Take-It-Or-Leave-It no longer accepts printers, scanners, or copiers, even if in working order, because they take up so much space and rarely move out of inventory. The best option for offering working equipment would be to post the items on Lopez Rocks and other community bulletin boards.

Televisions, desktop and laptop computers, tablet computers, computer monitors, portable DVD players, and e-readers still may be recycled AT NO CHARGE as part of the E-Cycle Washington program.

Thank you for recycling these electronics and keeping them out of the landfill. Please contact any LSWDD Board member if you have questions about this policy.